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Vespa exhaust - SIP road, T5 / T5 classic



The box exhaust for every setup, no matter whether it’s around the globe or the daily commute to work. This exhaust delivers. Always.



An engine characteristic exactly like the original, as it left the factory but just better. That’s the real world tuning the SIP Road has been standing for ever since it came out, for all Vespa riders, all over the world. The quest for maximum power is not what it is about. Its forte is relaxed riding with constant torque over a wide rev range. And that’s exactly where it reliably excels on any engine setup.


Significantly more torque and a huge increase in power.

Five downpipe segments

Relaxed to ride with and bridges gaps between gears.

The SIP ROAD is the original benchmark for all box type exhausts., the SIP ROAD still excels with its simplicity. It always fits, it always is reliable, it always retains a powerband like the original powerband, and it always is easy to set up and re-jet the engine.

Understated sound for the commute to work - The SIP ROAD sound is understatement, it does not raise attention of an expansion pipe but give just about the same performance. Ideal for the use in towns, and as a daily cruiser. 



The tourer in OEM quality - Touring and long distances are not a problem for the SIP Road. Its laborious quality does not only show in the number of downpipe segments but also with meticulous welding and the super clean welding seams, and the reinforced fitting on the barrels exhaust flange, this means they are not prone to falling to bits like a lot of Vespa exhausts!

Product code: LUSP24167000

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