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Casing repairs

Barrel studs, rear hub backplate, GP to Li kickstart ramp conversion, Kickstart damage to casing Etc......

Barrel stud repairs

Stud hole is drilled out and filled with weld with extra around the outside if necessary, to give better gasket surface area. surface is then flatted back. Barrel is then placed on casing, located by the 3 other studs then new stud hole is marked, drilled and tapped all to correct depth.

Repairs to rear hub backplate


Repairs to rear hub bearing area

Casing broken where the rear hub bearing sits, someone been over-zealous with the hammer!


Converting GP chaincase side to Li kickstart ramp
Price: from £10 + parts

You will need to cut your own GP endplate to suit, or this can be done by us in-house as part of the service.
 Price does not include the Li ramp. We can supply these or you can provide your own 

Kickstart plunger to casing damage

From £10 to repair damage only

Repairs to transfer areas and build up to open transfers

This can be to open up the transfers to get more fuel in or just to strengthen the weak parts. Price starts from £10 but will vary depending on extent of damage/welding required.