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Michelin city grip - the safe choice in any weather in any season!

 Yamaha and Peugeot have confidence in this tyre, and factory fit their scooters with the MICHELIN City Grip, and there are good reasons why this tyre has always sold well.

  • Excellent grip
  • Long durability
  • New rubber compound


The new MICHELIN City Grip is the further development of the now legendary City Grip series for the town and the open road. This version provides for safety on dry and wet asphalt – whether in or out of town. The new silica-based rubber compound, with its shark-tooth sipes, provides an excellent grip on wet and slippery roads. And it goes without saying that the time-proven City Grip technology is also used.


Rear tyre for Vespa GTS, GTV Etc.


Rated 56P

Auto tyre - 130/70 x 12 Michelin City Grip M/C TL - Rear Vespa GTS GTV Etc.

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