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A scooter travel yarn by Martin 'Sticky' Round suitable for anyone who has any passing interest in Lambretta, Vespas, scooters or rallying. 196 pages long with 90 colour pictures, 20mm x 147mm in Soft Back. 


From Sticky, "My family don't do easy. Tracy and I ride vintage scooters: a Maicoletta and a Lambretta respectively, but not standard ones. Ours are unique, radically modified scooters fitted with motorcycle engines. Frankenstein's monsters, built in a shed. 


We are riding to Istanbul with our friend Dean on another Lambretta. Doing the trip one-up would be too easy, so his daughter is riding pillion and i'm taking my 11-year old son. 


Straight to Turkey through Greece would be too easy. Instead we are going via Romania. We'll stop off at Vlad the Impaler's house on the way, to see if he can come out to play, i'll bring a frisbee".


Sticky is a freelance writer, former editor of Scootering Magazine and Best-selling author. This book is more than a travel journal, it's the insightful out-pouring of a mind that's been pickled in 2-stroke fumes for 30 years.


Sex, murder, war, politics and religion all these are briefly glossed over, before the book moves to more important subjects. How can you cross a continent on a vintage scooter without the wheels falling off, and more importantly, what to do when that happens. 


Sticky proves that smaller wheels are no hindrance to adventure. In fact tey help. Doing this on a motorcycle would be just too easy.


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Book- Frankenstein Scooters to Dracula's Castle- 'By Sticky'

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