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This mounting rubber fits twin groove large body VHSB Dellortos from 34 to 39mm to fit TS1/RB etc. (The larger opening goes onto the carb, the smaller one onto the manifold).


Fits carb spigot 44mm and works with a double or single lip carb. The rubber measures 36mm in length. 


Please note: These are always made of VITON but may be either black or brown.



1. Make sure both inlet manifold and carb are clean and dry before fitting

2. Always use the wide type jubilee clips

3. Do not over tighten the clips

4. Always carry a spare

5. Regularly lightly twist the carb to check for spigots

6. Support the base of the carb against the cowl to hold the weight of the carb if you can



Product code: LUMBU0089


Carb mounting rubber - VITON Dellorto VHSB carbs for TS1/RB - Stepped, MBD

Sales Tax Included
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