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This Mark Broadhurst redesigned, improved and strengthened carb rubber is suitable for 22 to 26mm Dell'orto PHBL, Mikuni TMX TM24, PWK and any other with a 30mm (29 - 31mm) diameter outer spigot. These may come in either black or brown but will always be made of Viton and marked with ' MB '.

 The rubber measures 26mm in length with a single internal lip and a bolt hole spacing of 60mm (please check yours before buying).

 Fits the new type MB TS1 reed manifolds as well as the MB shorty, LTH, ScootRS, Atomic also the new BGM RT manifolds as well as others with the same spacings.



1. Use a smear of gasket sealant to seal the rubber to the manifold - we recommend Reinzosil

2. Make sure both the inlet and carb are clean and dry before fitting.

3. Always use the WIDE type jubilee clips, as the thin ones tend to cut in and split the rubber. These are available on this website

4. Do not over tighten the clip

5. Always carry a spare!

Carburettor flange to manifold type mounting rubber - Dellorto PHBL - Viton, MBD

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