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This is a top of the range, flatslide carb, suitable for big Lambretta kits - RB22, RB25, Quattrini, Super Monza, TS1 Etc. Can also be used on Vespas with modified carburettor inlet manifolds. They are renown for having a very crisp throttle response.

Comes with a cable choke and flip up choke. An option with the carburettor with only the flip up choke is available cheaper here on the web store.

Jetting comes as follows: Main - 350, pilot - 20, needle - 53. The jets will NOT be swapped as part of the sale, but are available to buy in this web store. 

Comes with CABLE CHOKE - See other listing for flip choke option


Product code: LUSCCTM35-1 + LUSPMEG03200



Price includes VAT @ 20%



Carburettor - Mikuni TMX 35 with cable choke - Complete.

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