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*Polini 26mm, 28mm & 30mm inc. fixing screws


These carb caps from Crazy Monkey Development is a massive step forward, and are ideal if you are running a mid range or long range fuel petrol tanks, or reed kitted motors. 


They replace your existing carb cap and the throttle cable is not just perfect guided, even more it can be rotated by 360 degrees. This enables you to route the throttle cable with a much smaller profile and at any angle.


Especially on the Lambretta and Vespa the lack of space was always a problem and cable routing sometimes a headache. The Crazy Monkey has developed an innovative solution that gets rid of this problem and makes fitting proper sized carbs a very straight forward job. 


The snake head cap offers:


Top cap turns 360 degrees

Silk smooth cable operation

Indestructible material 

Adjusting screw M6x0.75, (the same as Dellorto use)


Please note: colour may vary. The original screws do not fit with these, so we have supplied 2.


Carburettor - Snakehead carb. top -PHBL, Keihin PWK 28mm, *DESCRIPTION*

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