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These carburetor caps from CrazyMonkey Developments are a massive step forward, and are ideal on a Lambretta with a mid or long range fuel tank or a reed kitted Vespa, they replace your existing carb top route the throttle cable through the side of the cap rather than the top giving lots more room. Not only that but it can swivel 360°, meaning you can route the throttle cable with a much smaller loop of cable and at any angle. 
 These fit all the TM / TMX carbs - TMX 27, TMX 30, TMX 32, TMX 35 and TMX 38

In summary, the snakehead carb top offers:

  • 360° cap turning
  • smooth as silk cable operation
  • made from indestructable material

cable adjustment screw - M6 x 0.75 (same as Dellorto use).


Please note: these may come in grey or black


Product code: LUSCCCMDSH0011


Carburettor - Snakehead carb. top - TM, TMX

Sales Tax Included
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