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Top quality, made by MRB. Lambretta TS1 / RB manifold to PHBH / VHSH carburettor mounting rubber in viton material. Also fits Mikuni TMX 35mm/Amal carburettor to PHBH manifold.


A simple way to swap carbs if you want to go smaller from say a 34/35mm Mikuni or Amal down to a 28/30mm Dellorto, Or you can go up from a 28/30mm Dellorto to a 34/35mm Mikuni or Amal. 

No need to remove and replace the inlet manifold. 


Large end diameter of spigot is 40mm 

Small end diameter of spigot is 35mm

The rubber measures 30mm in length. Can come in black or brown depending on stock. 



Make sure both inlet manifold and carb are clean and dry before fitting. 

Always use the wide type Jubilee clips.

Do not over tighten the clips.

Always carry a spare. 


If you're using a Mikuni TMX carb then always fit the spacer ring MRB0854 or the carb rubber will split, you can buy this on our website. 


Also suitable for Vespas running a PHBH carb with a manifold spigot O.D. of 44mm, or use an TMX carb with a manifold spigot O.D. of 40mm



Part number: LUMBP0327

Carburettor - Stepped VITON mounting rubber - PHBH/VHSH to TS1/RB manifold, MBD

Sales Tax Included
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