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These are designed to run with the chain on top of the guide for standard set-ups (E.G. 15/46 80 link chain, 18/47 82 link chain) but you can run the chain under the guide for certain set-ups and use a bigger chain (E.G. 16/46 can now use an 81 link chain rather than a stretched 80). This means you can use a decent, NEW chain, like the IWIS chains that DO NOT stretch!

This has been designed so it can be reversed when it eventually starts to wear, but is made out of the most hard wearing and durable with the least friction, to prevent heat build up, material available which will not contract/expand under heat/fluid. The metal part fits perfectly between the cast webs in the chaincase side, hence the stepped slots.

The first picture shows the guide with standard Li gearing (15/46) and a brand new 80 link Iwis chain. The second picture shows the same set-up with an 81 link chain, so you can see how much it will pull down.

The chain guide in the picture is the prototype of this design so is 'rougher' than the finished product. Comes with a set-screw that fits in the slot, a stud, washer and nyloc for the bottom slot and an allen key to eventually turn the nylon around.

These are under special offer for the first 20 and are available to pre-order, the price after these will go up to £37.49 - email me at for more details.....

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Chain tensioner - Under/over type - LamUp design

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