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62mm "LTH Plus" crank with a bigger web diameter.

A scooter crank gets bent up and down for up to 10000 times per minute the pin gets loose and the crank twists. The less meat there is from the pin to the end of the web the easier it can work. That is the main reason why 62mm cranks twist and 58mm cranks don't. The "LTH Plus" crank has bigger webs than normal. So the meat for a 62mm crank is nearly as much as for the 58mm crank. This makes the LTH Plus as resistant to twisting as the 58mm crank. The casing has to be machined to fit the bigger web diameter.



PLEASE NOTE: The engine casing has to be machined by 2mm to fit ths crank and the small end is 18mm, suitable for 18mm gudgeon pins


Stroke: 62mm


Rod: 115mm

Small end: 18mm


Please leave a MOBILE number for the courier

Crank - High performance - 62/115/18 LTH

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