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Avanti Heads are now available for all engines not just the TT3

 After various tests done by others, including a Rapido kit with one of our heads prepared by Darrell Taylor. AF Rayspeed are now supplying Avanti Heads for their RB kits after intensive tests supertune supply heads for any series 1, 2 or 3 Lambretta’s.

 Compression ratio is 10:1 as standard. As with all Avanti heads the diameter is 180mm (a standard Lambretta head is 140mm).

 Running head temperature is approximately 1/3 Cooler with this head!

These Heads are to fit 225cc, (70mm) cast iron and alloy kits. 

This head requires a special head cowl due to it's size - this is NOT included, but is available on this website.

This is the newest design, with extra cooling fins - see picture 4



Price includes VAT @ 20%





Please state your MOBILE telephone number for courier

Cylinder head - Avanti Ron Moss/Supertune - 70mm 225cc. TS1, RB22, Rapido, Etc

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