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Genuine dellorto product. COD. 53008 - 78

Suitable for any Lambretta or Vespa with the following carburettor:  VHSA. VHSB, VHSH, PHSB, PHBL, PHBH, PHBE - Later type, VHB/Z 20-26.

 This INCLUDES a shorter screw, as the VHSB Etc. type carburettors have a blind hole, and the PHBH etc. do not, although this kit will fit all the above carburettors.


Price includes VAT @ 20%


Dellorto - cable choke kit - VHSH, VHSA, VHSB, PHSB, PHBH, PHBL, PHBE

Sales Tax Included
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