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Suitable for Lambrettas and Vespas fitted with the correct manifold system. PHBH 30BS (4204) comes with eithea a cable choke or flip-up choke, please choose from drop-down menu. Comes with a 45 (sometimes 40) slide, 70 choke and 350 (or 300) float valve



Choose what type of choke you would like from the drop-down menu, cable chokes are now not supplied with the carburettors from the manufacturers so have a £5 surcharge added.



Please let us know what you would like fitting:

Main jet

Idle jet

Slide needle



Product code: LUEUR3343



Price includes VAT @ 20%




Please state your telephone no AND jet preference - Main, idle, atomiser & needle

Dellorto - complete carburettor - PHBH 30mm, with cable choke and metal banjo -

PriceFrom £139.99
Sales Tax Included
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