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This HEL hose has a 90 degree at the top and a long necked 40 degree at the bottom, suitable for disc brake kits where the hose goes in between the headset top AND bottom, these follow the original front brake/speedo routing. See pictures

There is also the option to go for a straight banjo at the headset, if you need it, but 90 is the default.

This is an improved version of the hose I have been selling for years. If you look at the bottom picture you can see an extended necked banjo to the calliper so is a tighter curve on the hose.

These all come with the correct banjo angles, bolts and copper crush washers in a blister pack with a lifetime guarantee and fitting/bleeding instructions. 

They are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel braided hose, with swaged stainless fittings permanently attached to the stainless steel braided hose with a Teflon inner hose.

The main seller is the plain stainless pipe with plain stainless fittings but please note : I can now offer these with BLACK, GOLD, WHITE, NEON BLUE, RED, CANDY RED, BLUE, KAWASAKI GREEN, LILAC, CARBO-LOOK, ORANGE, DARK BLUE CANDY, BLUE, VIOLET, PINK and YELLOW covered stainless pipes.

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Disc brake - Lambretta stainless hose 90/40 angles - Follows original brake cabl

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