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*back of mudguard routing to Nissin style hub*

These HEL hoses are approx. 55cm from banjo centre to centre and follow down the back of the mudguard routing.

The main seller is the plain stainless pipe with plain stainless fittings but please note : I can now offer these with BLACK, GOLD, WHITE, RED, CANDY RED, BLUE, KAWASAKI GREEN, LILAC, CARBO-LOOK, ORANGE, DARK BLUE CANDY, BLUE, VIOLET, PINK and YELLOW covered stainless pipes.

Comes with 2 x stainless banjo bolts and 4 x top quality copper crush washers.

Please note: you need to check what bolts you require, and select the correct option as various master cylinders and callipers take different pitch bolts - the Italian/most European type (Grimeca Etc) are 1.0 pitch bolts and the Far east (nissin, sterling Etc) are 1.25 pitch. The most common set up is to have one of each so this is the default.

Price includes VAT @ 20%



Please state hose colour:

Disc brake - Stainless hydraulic hose for hidden master cylinder*

Sales Tax Included
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