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The emulsion tube is a clever and important part of the flatside carburettors as it holds a charge of fuel for a quicker throttle response, and thus helps lessen the chances of seizing when throttling down after a long, open throttle run.


It screws into the carburettor body under the pilot/idle jet.  This replaces the emulsion jet fitted and is a 'straight through' jet, with no numbers, but still holds the charge of fuel.


Suitable for any Lambretta or Vespa fitted with a VHSH or VHSB flat slide carb.


Please choose one of the following from the drop-down menu:

B40, B42, B45, B48, B50, B52, B54, B55, B58, B60


We also do a straight through mixer tube called a CD1, these are available here:


Lambretta and Vespa - Dellorto - emulsion mixer tube - flat slide VHSH, VHSB etc

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