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Top quality, from MRB. Electronic 12 Volt AC/DC universal regulator/rectifier to suit Lambrettas and Vespas ideal for all electronic 12 Volt ignitions and is very similar to the BGM type.


The regulator delivers 12 volt AC as well as a trickle charge 12 volt DC for toys etc.


With AC systems you simply have to plug the AC to the wires that lead to the main loom.


With systems using AC and DC to run the electrics, you simply have to separate AC and DC lead wires and connect it to where it is needed.


Comes with;


Regulator/Rectifier with sticker wiring on the back, MB

Regulator/Rectifier mini wiring loom with correct wire thickness to fit, AC power in, AC power out, DC power out and earth wire with all connectors ready to fit, MB

Square mounting rubber to stop vibration, MB

A link to fitting instructions on the MB page is here:

Lambretta and Vespa - Regulator/Rectifier - MBD - 12v Electronic

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