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*No baffle, no lock hole and no hinge


Top quality Lambretta tool box door blank with the Serveta type vents in mild steel. These are for series 1, 2, 3 and GP / DL Lambrettas with no toolbox lock hole or hinge, for welding into a frame, probably more suited to a cutdown or chopper. These do not have the internal baffle, so the vents are purely cosmetic.


We also have some plain doors in with no vents at a cheaper price, see other listing for details.


Please choose an option from the drop-down menu:


1) 1 column of louvres, same as serveta


2) double line of louvres, equal distance from either side


3) 3 lines of louvres

Lambretta bodywork - Weld in blank toolbox door, various louvres in bare metal -

Sales Tax Included
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