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Top quality, made by SIP. These Lambretta gear and clutch cable nipples require a 4mm allen grub screw wrench and have a larger flat collar at the top for a spanner to enable fuss-free adjustment and changing.
 Every Lambretta mechanic - veteran and novice, knows the problem: the small allen key grub screw are worn on original and especially, cheaper remade ones to the point they are rounded making replacing / tightening cables a nightmare. 
 These newer, rethought ones with a flange on to stop them falling through the swivel make the job much easier to thread the cable through and even loosening and tightening quicker and less stressful.
 The trunnions come with a disc under the clamping screw that sits on top of the cable, stopping it get squashed and ensuring a longer life for the cable inner. 
 The grub screws take a 4mm allen key, the increase in size makes it more durable against wear and mechanical failure and the trunnion itself requires a 10mm spanner to hold in place while tightening.

Product code: LUSP94270800


Lambretta cables - Trunnions, set of 3 - With spanner collar, SIP

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