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The casing for the gearbox end plate dowels tend to get damaged quite easily especially if the nuts have come loose and the holes get enlarged a bit. 


This is a set of one of each 7.5mm (first oversize), 8mm (second oversize) and stepped 8.7mm oversized dowels to repair a casing around the end plate.


There are also slightly longer to find more alloy if some parts have chipped away. 


If this has happened and the standard 7mm holes are slightly loose - fit the end plate tight with no dowels fitted, drill a 7.5mm hole through the end plate into the casing for these first oversized 7.5mm dowels to fit. 


Tap the dowels in and once fitted center punch the end plate to stop the dowels coming out - VERY IMPORTANT YOU DO THIS OR THE DOWEL CAN COME THROUGH THE ENDPLATE AND RATTLE AROUND IN YOUR ENGINE!


Do the same for the second oversized 8mm version. 


With the stepped 8/7mm dowel, drill the casing to 8mm, that way you keep the end plate standard 7mm.

Lambretta crankcase - engine and chaincase side dowels - Oversized, set of 3

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