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Top quality, entrance level race crankshaft. This crank is based on the webs Tameni made for MEC, and as such are very strong along with a good quality, European origin big end race needle roller bearing and copper coated rod. These are an excellent base and a good beating heart for the making of a tidy engine and ensuring a trouble free engine build .

 These have the smaller taper suitable for the series 1, 2 and 3 Li, LiS, SX and TV (NOT TV175 - these use a 116mm length rod as they use a short crown height piston to compensate). 


These are a straight replacement for a like-for-like crank, no additional fettling required.


Comes supplied with high quality small end 


Our product code: LURR0002


Lambretta crankshaft - 58 x 107, standard Li / SX / TV - Tameni racing

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