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This is for people who would prefer to do a different routing to normal or have a tight squeeze either down the forks Lambretta series 1 and vespa PX MK1) or through headset without a removable top (ss180, sprint Etc).


The total length of the HEL hose is for the reverse pull lambretta length or vespa PX length - Please pick carefully from the options.


If you think this will not be long enough you can buy hose by the 1/2 metre on the webstore page - as long as this is bought in conjunction with a hose it will come with the extra length uncut.


We sell stainless steel removable banjos, or if you prefer you can source your own end for this. They also do not come with banjo bolts or copper washers as the hoses are not for specific machines. As a rule of thumb, if the parts are European (grimeca Etc) they are 1.0mm pitch, if they are from the far East (Nissin Etc) they are 1.25mm pitch.........this is just a guide, not gospel.


They come in all the usual colours and various lengths, with different banjo angles.


The main seller is the plain stainless pipe with plain stainless fittings but please note : I can now offer these with BLACK, GOLD, WHITE, NEON BLUE, RED, CANDY RED, BLUE, KAWASAKI GREEN, LILAC, CARBO-LOOK, ORANGE, DARK BLUE CANDY, BLUE, VIOLET, PINK and YELLOW covered stainless pipes.



Price includes VAT @ 20%


Lambretta disc hose with ONLY 1 end attached

Sales Tax Included
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