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Top quality, fully remade Clubman style Lambretta V4.0 exhaust, suitable for all series 1, 2, 3 and DL / GP scooters.

This, latest edition of the ever popular BGM PRO clubman was completely redesigned from scratch. Moreover BGM changed the origin of the production to Europe. The focus on the design of this V4 version has been an exhaust as almost the same power, but much quieter than previous versions, with the baffle system being completely different to previous versions and gives the least noise level on these exhausts.

 The second focus has been to improve  on the overall build quality. All areas that were in the past weak are now braized rather than welded, including the mounting brackets. These have also been enlarged with an added reinforcing plate between the main bracket and the exhaust. The bracket to the engine has also been improved, there are now slots to move it vertically as well as horizontally. This makes the fitment much easier, especially if running a bigger crank and packer plates and adjustable ground clearance. The strengthening rod between the main body and tail pipe has also been redesigned and is also brazed to give more strength. The brazing takes longer than welding but, as there is less heat it stops them being so brittle. 
 The V4 version has been improved in the following points:

brazed brackets

mounting plates doubled

revised damping


The proven features are:

Performance like a resonance exhaust


Larger volume of the exhaust body

More ground clearance

Exhaust for oval (RaceTour, Mugello, Standard, ...) exhaust

The exhaust for round exhaust (TS1 & Co.) is available seperately

Exhaust, manifold and body spring mounted

Reinforced at all neuralgic points

Suspension like the race exhaust for perfect and stress-free mounting

Disassembly without having to remove the right footboard or the cylinder cover

The box includes all parts needed for the assembly.

Lambretta exhaust - BGM Clubman, version 4 - Silver

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