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 Top quality, made by MRB / MBD for oval barrels / exhausts (sometimes called piston ported) top ends, suitable for 125, 150, 175, 185cc Scootopia, Rapido, cast iron, MBgm RT195 & RT225 Etc. kits. 


These are also handy for people who have opened up their exhaust ports/exhausts, so you can file them, dremel them to match them up perfectly with your barrel and exhaust without going through the thin veneer of copper on standard copper gaskets. 


With them being solid copper they crush up well against uneven surfaces, but you must anneal the gasket before fitting to soften them and also make sure the exhaust flange is flat, it's surprising how many aren't! 



Lambretta exhaust - Solid copper gasket - Standard & big bore (piston ported) MB

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