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For DISC links only


A top quality reproduction of the original Lambretta in board disc brake with a hydraulic slave cylinder operation, it remains unobstructive within the elegant vintage Lambretta looks. Comes with the Innocenti 'i' cap, speedo worm and drive, chrome drive terminal and a choice of black, silver or white hubs and black or white windows, choose from the dropdown menu


Please note: this does NOT include a master cylinder or switch housing as many people want to use a hidden type master under the horncasting. You can buy a seperate master cylinder and switch housing on here..


Please note: This kit is only to suit DISC links, as fitted as standard to the GP200, SX200, TV175 and TV200 but will fit any Lambretta with the disc type fork links. 

Lambretta - INBOARD disc brake kit, Hydraulically operated

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