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MBD / MRB flange type large block Race-Tour inlet manifold with BGM flange rubber. Designed for Mark Broadhurst to give the best clearance from the engine to the side panels.

 These are suitable for the 26mm, 28mm and 30mm PHBH and 30mm VHSH carburettors and also the PWK type carbs.
 The manifolds are suitable for most piston ported top end kits with the larger 200cc stud spacings such as the RT225 / 230 but also fit the small block MBGM RT195 kits.
 Not suitable for reed valve converted kits.



Fits with all types of head / flywheel cowlings

Fits without modifying petrol tap rod

Flange rubber locates inside the manifold to help stop air leaks.


Kit comes complete with:

Die cast polished inlet manifold, MBD
Viton flange rubber, 26 - 30mm BGM

Stainless steel fasteners, including long M7 MBD bolt

Stainless steel jubilee clip.


TOP TIP: For safety, always use a good gasket sealant (we recommend Reinzosil), and retighten fasteners after approximately 100 miles.

Lambretta inlet manifold -Big block, 200cc with BLACK BGM flange rubber - PHBH

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