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 Fuel starvation is a thing of the past with this premium top quality fast flow Lambretta fuel tap made my OMG in Italy, it is a real essential item for every non standard Lambretta, and even for standard scooters that do a lot of open road and motorway work.


The part that protrudes from the tap are now made of metal where the rod slides into, this used to be made of plastic and was prone to snapping - the bottom 2 photographs are for illustraton purposes only as they show the original plastic type holder.



Part number: LUSCC7670536N


This tap has a modified exit at the rear of the tap, ideal for big carbs that may foul on a tap with a bottom exit, or on the larger GP type engine mounts.

Flow rate is excellent


Product code: LUSCC7670536N


Price includes VAT @ 20%

Lambretta Fuel - 90° FAST FLOW petrol tap - NEW design with metal body - Italian

SKU: LUSCC7670536N
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