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This is a new MRB designed rear hub bearing plate and are available in 3 sizes, with a different recess size either side (choose from the drop-down menu) and made from A2 stainless steel.

 These have a recess so are ideal to use with rear hub bearings that sit up, this is especially useful if you are running a 5 speed gearbox and have had to shim the bearing, so this does away with both the thinner bottom plate and the thick top plate

 The design locates in the same way on the 4 studs and tightened down with flat washers and nylocs (not supplied), this will ensure the bearing stays in place, they also have elongated slots to go over those old, bent studs in the casing!


Please choose from the drop-down menu:

     Flat / 0.3 recess

     0.5mm recess / 0.7mm recess

     0.9mm recess / 1.2mm recess


NOTE: Ideally, once tightened down there should be a gap of approximately 0.1 to 0.2mm from the plate to the casing


Lambretta rear hub - Recessed bearing shim seal plate - Various sizes, MBD

PriceFrom £6.70
Sales Tax Included
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