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Top quality, reproduction Pegasus seat. Comes with catch but, as the base is solid, it does not have room for the standard air scoop. Fits both series 2 and series 3 scooters but longer, fully opened to the front. A flatter type air scoop will fit, these are available on our website.


Please choose a colour from the drop-down menu:

1) Black - Product code: LUSTE100

2) Oxblood red - Product code: LUSTE101

3) Dark brown - Product code: LUSTE102

4) Tan - Product code: LUSTE103

5) Dark grey - Product code: LUSTE104

6) Cream - Product code: LUSTE105

7) Beige - Product code: LUSTE106

8) Orange - Product code: LUSTE107

9) White - Product code: LUSTE107

10) Dark green - Product code: LUSTE107

Lambretta seats - REPRO Pegasus with stainless steel trim - Various colours

Sales Tax Included
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