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Top quality CNC Lambretta rear shocks. These are made by the same manufacturers as the old taffspeed shocks, but with a couple of massive improvements.

1) A much thicker shaft. The old type used to be 13mm diameter but these bad-boys are a whopping 16mm thick!

2) Bigger top collet. This, along with the thin shaft were the main problems with the old shocks snapping between the collet and the shaft.

The collets are also made to fit the spring circuference exactly, so there is no movement between the collets and spring

 Compression/rebound adjustment is via a knurled nut at the bottom, and it goes from super-soft to rock-hard within the 13 'clicks' of adjustment. There is also a pre-load adjuster at the bottom of the spring, this is tightened/loosened using a shock spanner (not supplied)

As you can also see I use my own springs which are longer and wider, which means they do not need to be as thick to work as hard, they are also made of silicon chrome, which makes them less prone to snapping, see the spring page for full spec

. A bonus with this is there are the 17 different colours of spring to choose from in the two different Lbs categories I sell AT NO EXTRA COST - see spring page for full spec and colour range.

I have been using one of these on my rally going, daily work commuting Lambretta since 2008, and doing well over 20,000 miles with no problems.


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Lambretta shockers - CNC machined billet rear shocks - Series 3

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