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Top quality M6/6mm Lambretta chaincase stud in stainless steel. You need 14 for most crankcases or if youre using a Clubman then you use 13 and the longer tailpipe type. 33mm long with 12mm of thread either end . These are classed as standard length but are longer than the Indian type and have the shouldered stop in the middle so you have a positive stop when winding in so you can't over tighten into the casing and crack or break the thin aluminium.


MB's have redesigned these so the long end goes into the casing to find more threads, especailly if the threads are a bit dodgy. If the stud bottoms out some casings are not tapped deep enough, this can be done with a standard M6 tap.


Dimensions: 6 x 10 x 11

Please choose from the drop-down menu for a slight discount for buying all 14


Lambretta stud - M6 chaincase crankcase side, standard length - Stainless steel

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