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This is a set of 4 longer barrel studs made by Italian firm MEC EUR, especially for engine builds using packer plates for bigger cranks, made from high tensile steel then chemically blacked and fit all large and small Lambretta engine blocks and cylinders.

 They are thinner in the middle section to help with 4 point seizures on the barrel and piston due to heat coming up the studs. This is especially useful on the larger cc kits where there is very little 'meat' due to the cylinder being so thin such as on small block kits Quattrini 210 and RB20, and big block RB250, Rapido 250 Etc.

 This can also help with certain barrels that are not drilled out correctly but locates the packers and cylinder so the transfer ports don't miss match.


Fitting instructions:

 Secure the short threaded side into the casing using medium strength threadlocker




Product code: LUBGM2244B



Lambretta top end - Thinner cylinder barrel studs - Set of 4, 165mm long

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