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 Lambretta Black universal wiring loom, probably the most versatile loom on the market for Lambrettas with electronic ignitions. Works with all Electronic systems for a Lambretta, Series 1, 2 and 3 models

Works with BGM, SIL, AF, Vespa, Varitronic and Casa flywheels and stator plates

Can be used to supply a standard AC Electronic ignition system

Can be used to supply AC with DC trickle feed for toys from a BGM, Varitronic and Vespa regulator/rectifiers

Can be used to supply a full DC battery only electronic conversion, Wassell, Podtronic and single phase rectifier.

As well as feeding all normal supplies, its wired to use a front brake light switch if needed, wired to light a reserve light if needed, using the extra DC supply loom you have full DC power. It can be wired as all AC with DC for sat nav, phone charger etc and is also wired to included the earth loom.

Mark has also kindly provided just about every type of wiring you will need to set up your scooter here: 



Part number: LUMRB0953K


Lambretta Wiring loom universal AC, AC-DC, DC, fits all - Black, MBD

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