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This is a new improved electronic stator plate from BGM, ideal as a direct replacement to any electronic stator. The wiring has been changed to silicone cables, these are much more flexible and better at coping with extreme temperatures (-40°C to +250°C).

 It comes with grey and black sleeving and is the highest output stator available and comes with adjusting plates so the pickup can be raised to suit the flywheel triggers (or remove them if it is too high)

 These have also had the slots elongated  for more adjustment on the timing, ideal for using advance/retard units such as the Kytronik Etc. and a new feature is baseplate now has markings to make timing up a bit easier

It only requires the standard 20 amp regulator.

 These new stators are the most powerful you can get using a Lambretta flywheel.

NOTE! When ever you replace an electrical ignition part always strobe and check timing is correct.

Product code: LUSCCBGM8045N

Please note: we may send the DC version if the AC type is out of stock. You simply have to earth the thicker yellow wire.



Price includes VAT @ 20%





Please leave a MOBILE telephone number in case we use a courier

Lambretta stator - BGM, 12Volt - AC, Version 4.5

Sales Tax Included
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