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One of rock's most popular products Synthesis 2 Racing has being updated. We have revised the formulation to offer an improvement in performance levels and a visual colour change so you can now see if you have already added it to fuel cans, tanks etc. 


Synthesis 2 racing will now offer even better performance and protection for two stroke machinery and although predominately used by off road riders it also has a loyal following in scooter and road racing circles.


As mentioned earlier it has had a colour change and the new product is blue in colour replacing the old products yellow appearance. To complete the update the packaging has been improved. Customer feedback was always positive but we were aware that as good as the product was, it could be difficult to see the product mixed in with the fuel. We are hopeful that this new blend will not only keep existing users happy but also win over new users too.


Suitable for premix and injection or autolube 2 stroke Lambrettas and Vespas.

Oil - 2 stroke - Rock oil, 1 litre - Synthesis 2 Racing with dye

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