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Top quality, made in Italy. *PLEASE NOTE: These have the new METAL type lever holder*

Suitable for all Lambretta series 2 and 3 Lambretta models including G.P.

Fuel starvation is a thing of the past with this premium top quality fast flow fuel tap made my OMG in Italy, it is a real essential item for every non standard Lambretta, and even for standard scooters that do a lot of open road and motorway work.

This tap has a modified exit at the rear of the tap (90 degree), ideal for big carbs that may foul on a tap with a bottom exit.

This also come with the wiring for the fuel sensor/sender included in the new SIP version 2 speedos and certain Camblamb types

 Wiring for these is available separately, if required.


Price includes VAT @ 20%

Petrol tap - Italian - 90 degree fast flow with low level fuel sender/sensor

Sales Tax Included
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