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These locking washers have 3 holes as standard but one hole is central, as on standard locking rings, the other two are off-set - one to the left and one to the right , allowing you to be able to tighten your rear hub nut without compromising how much torque you use as one of the holes in the ring WILL line up with the hole in the hub.

The kit consists of the Lambretta rear hub locking ring (suitable for Series 2, CASA and Scootopia safe hubs (fits into the recess) and series 3 hubs), a specially machined M7 grub screw and wavy washer, all in stainless steel.

I have been using one of these since September 2012 and have had no problems, the washer is a nice and tight fit on the rear hub nut, and sits perfectly flat on the hub. At 3mm thick it is more than up to the job!

It is professionally polished so will go on any series 1, 2 or 3 Lambretta. Cheap enough for a £200 matt-black ratter, yet mirror polished enough to suit a £10,000 'Jimmy' replica !

Price includes VAT @ 20%


A really good price for a superior product, made with U.K. stainless steel in the U.K - Buy British!

Lambretta Rear hub - 3 hole locking washer kit *OFFSET HOLES* Stainless

Sales Tax Included
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