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These are a brand new product, only sold by lambrettaupgrades.

They are a custom design yet are also very functional. They have the three off-set holes so one of the holes will always line up for the grub screw when you torque your rear hub up. They are also a very snug fit on the nut, so it will not allow the nut to come loose.

 Made in annealed 304L stainless and polished to a mirror finish.


Available with the following logos, please choose from the drop-down menu:

Lambretta Li

Lambretta GP



Lambretta SX

Lambretta TS1


GP Inksplat


Dr. Martens

Northern Soul

Tamla Motown



Lambretta Rear hub lock washer - Various Custom Designs - stainless

Sales Tax Included
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