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These fantastic 12v LED Lambretta rear light reflector bulbs are a must for Todays driving conditions. Super bright, there's no reason the car behind can't see you!

Being LED they don't put as much strain on the electrical system so, in theory, putting more power to your front light

Top quality, made by BGM in Germany.


All Series 3 – Li, SX, TV (except for the ones with a Carello rear light housing)

Can be made to fit for the DL/GP rear light housing, stick in place with silicone sealer

Straight fit to all SERIES 2 rear light housings from mid of 1960


Colour coded to fit as this


Wiring loom black wire - to yellow wire on LED reflector


Wiring loom pink or red wire ( from brake light switch ), to red on LED reflector

Black wire on LED reflector is the Earth and must be bolted to BARE metal on frame

Product code: LUSCC7670923

Price includes VAT @ 20%   





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Rear light LED reflector - AC & DC, 12 volt BGM. Series 3

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