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Lambretta reed valve manifold kit, can be used on original cylinder, Rapido, Mugello, SR, MB

 Power: Reed valves increase power at low revs. Without matching the inlet a small loss of max power can occur but with the correct reed piston (or cut the holes out yourself!) and/or a boost port the power will increase because of the 360° open inlet.

 Carb size: The reed valve is made for a maximum of 30mm carbs. That is a good size for up to 22hp. Bigger carbs in this power area will bring only little more power, increase fuel consumption and worsen throttle response. Our demonstration engine achieved 28.5hp with a Keihin PWK28! The used Stage6 R/T reed valve may look small but has for example 20% more area than a standard Malossi PX reed valve.


Blow back: Because the reed valve closes the inlet when there is pressure in the system the blow back is reduced massively, therefore no more messy running boards.


Carb adjustment: Because there is less blow back it is easier to set up the carb as the sucked in blowback doesn't enrich the air ratio anymore when opening throttle again. The jetting needs to changed but you can't say beforehand which way.


Fuel consumption: The additional power at low revs and the less blow back reduces fuel consuption. Depending on the cylinder this can be up to 50%.


Throttle response: Because the cylinder has not to cope with the additional blow back gas it responds much better to throttle changes.


Starting: The better low down power lets the engine start better.


Durability: The reed block is Viton rubber covered so the plates are dampened which increases durability.


Spacer: Will be delivered but is not needed.


Different Reeds: Will also be delivered and are better at high rpms (>12000) but decrease durability, so not recommended.


Gaskets: Can be used but we recommend using fluids like DirkoHT.


Spares: There is a second plate set made of glass fibre which we recommend to use as they increase power at low revs. Spare plates are very cheap and also any Minarelli reed avlve can be used. The rubbers are available at any Mikuni dealer.


Space: All carbs up to 35mm will fit under the panel! On most Lambretta and carb models a rubber bellow with a filter on can be fitted. The following carbs fit with rubber bellow on a Li3 for example: Dell'orto PHB/VHSB 30mm, Mikuni TMX 30mm, Mikuni TM 35mm, Keihin PWK 28mm, Koso PWK 34mm.


Rips: Depending on the cylinder one or two cooling fins have to be cut. The work is very little, on some cylinder types nothing has to be cut. The cylinder cowl has to be cut.


Inlet hole: The manifold is developed to also be of use on small cylinders. On bigger holes the manifold hole should be adapted. It has enough meat to do this.


Flow: Version V3 has been tested on a computer system to improve flow.


Rubbers: Different rubbers are available so you can change the size of your carb. but this kit is for the PHBH Etc. size


Quality: The manifold is cast in Germany by a reknown automotive company with a high dense alloy.


V2: New reed valve that produces 1-2hp more than the V-Force.


V3: Complete new construction as a high dense cast. Manufactured in Germany by a professional automotive supplier. Improved adaption possibilty to different cylinders. Improved frame clearance. Smaller base hole and more meat to adopt to different inlet hole types. Computer calculated imrpoved air flow design.

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Reed valve manifold complete "LTH with BGM reed" V3.0 27-30mm Lambretta

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