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Voltage regulator 4 plug BGM PRO 12V AC/DC universal handy voltage regulator for all electronic 12 V ignitions.

 The regulator delivers AC as well as DC current, therefore it is the perfect replacement for all Lambretta Ducati 3-pin and 5-pin regulators as well as for the Vespatronic and Variotronic regulators Lambretta and Vespa.

The connection of the regulator to your existing wiring loom is easy.

 With complete AC systems you simply have to plug the AC out to the wires that lead the current to the consumers.


With systems using AC and DC to run the electrics, you simply have to separate AC and DC lead wires and connect it regarding if there is AC or DC needed.

 Used in conjunction with a specially designed rubber cover (not supplied), see other listing.


Price includes VAT @ 20%

Regulator / Rectifier - BGM - 12v Electronic

Sales Tax Included
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