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These high quality SIP Premium Scooter Covers are capable of reliably protecting your scooter during every season of the year from adverse weather conditions (rain and snow) and environmental grime while parked outdoors. The robust and waterproof material from which it is made ensures your scooter is kept in prime conditon. Good ventilation properties maintain a stable climate around the scooter and helps prevent conditions facilitating corrosion.


The SIP Premium Scooter Cover is manufactured using the highest quality materials and it was especially designed to conform to the distinctive styling that is the definition of scooter design. Pockets containing extra storage capacity have been included to cater for a rear-mounted top-case, prominent windshields and also extended mirror stems. If these extra facilities are not required for the scooter to be covered they can be conviniently stowed away and fastened with zipped openings in their respective pockets, located on the inside of the cover. For added  passive safety reflective strips are included as part of the design and for heightened security a reinforced eyelet suitable for an external locking system is also provided.


Projects against sun, rain, snow and wind borne dirt and grime.


Stable at both high and low temperatures.


Manufactured using a tough, high quality polyester material.


Elasticated hem ensuring quicker and more stable positioning over your scooter.


Optional extra pockets for top-cases and wind shields up to 650mm (26" tall).


Integratedventilation facility.


100% UV stable 


Transparent panel for registration plate visibility


Includes a practical storage and carrying pocket sewn into the interior 


Size L: (203x96x129cm), perfectly dimensioned for all classic Vespa and Lambretta models and all modern automatic scooters up to the size of a Vespa GPS.

SIP Scooter cover - Heavy duty, premium - outdoor type

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