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Designed specifically for the performance enthusiast, Iridium IX offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti-fouling.

Fine iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark, the IX stands for high performance.

Iridium alloy has extremely high melting point, perfect for todays high-tech, high-performance engines

Trivalent metal plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties

Outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability

Ultimate design, technology and performance. Comes with unscrewable nipple for various types of spark plug cap.


Choose the following from the drop-down menu:

BR8EIX / 5044,

BR9EIX / 3981  

BR10EIX / 6801

Spark plugs - NGK IX (high performance) iridium, resistor type - Long reach

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