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GOOP is an Aqueous Glycol solution ( Non toxic ) suitable for Tubed or Tubeless tyres, containing finely cut rubber particles, preservatives, binders, suspension agents and anti corrosive inhibitors, all perfectly harmless to tyres or tubes. GOOP will not freeze and remains stable even at high temperatures. Note:Does NOT contain Latex.



  • Goop is installed through the valve BEFORE you have a puncture (Suitable for use with all Schrader type valves) and is supplied with valve removal tool in the cap
  • It is suitable for use in BOTH tubed and tubeless tyres . It will seal as many punctures that you may incur, can also stop air loss from leaking rims and  will last for the life of the tyre or tube
  • Goop will simply wash away with water when the time comes to change the tyre, leaves no sticky residue


   Price includes VAT @ 20%



Tyres and tubes - Goop puncture preventative sealant, 500ml

Sales Tax Included
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