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Top quality PTFE nylon lined cable outer and inner set from SIP, does NOT come with speedo cable. Suitable for most PX models - Disc, EFL, PX125e, PX150e, PX200e, 2012 version, MY etc. This is suitable for the earlier PX models but you will require a front brake inner).

  Also suitable for LML Star, Deluxe 125 and 200 2T and ​4T


Kit comprimises of:

2 x complete gear cables

1 x complete clutch cable

1 x complete throttle cable (fixed at both ends)

1 x complete rear brake cable (with hoop on inner)

1 x complete front brake cable (with threaded inner cable)

1 x complete choke cable

Vespa - PREMIUM cable set, nylon lined - PX Disc, MY,EFL etc

Sales Tax Included
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