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Clutch steel plate - BGM PRO Cosa2 - Vespa Cosa, PX (1995 - onwards), position 3+4 in clutch, without groove or notch - 1.5mm -  (two discs are required).


Clutch plates are a very important link between engine and gearbox. A well-Functioning clutch is essential for safety and performance.


Many manufacturers unfortunately do not make the appropriate effort with such an important component with the result that the clutches do not seperate properly. The clutch plate manufacturers who deliver a good quality clutch plates always have delivery problems. 


BGM clutch steel discs are manufactured with high precision and convince by a very flat surface. Thus the clutch seperates fast and precisely. With steel discs from other manufacturers this is often only possible with difficulty or not at all. 


These clutch steels can be used in all engines, from standard to fully turned engine setups. 


To complete the clutch package, 4 steel discs are required:

  • 1 x steel disc with notch 1.5mm 
  • 2 x steel disc without notch - 1.5mm - This is the one listed here
  • 1 x steel disc (base disc) 2.0mm 


Price is for 1,  2 are usually required. 




Part number: LUBGM8040S



Vespa Clutch - COSA clutch steel, position 3 + 4, without groove notch - 1.5mm

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