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12 Volt, AC Stator plate with points ( or ignition contacts ) 5 coils and 3 cables, for Vespa P125X and P150X, Italian version without battery but with indicators.

A complete, ready-to-install ignition stator plate with all coils as well as the points and the capacitor is supplied. The connecting cables have the original colours, so the exchange is easy.

  • board voltage: 12V AC
  • cable: 5 (black, blue, green)
  • coils: 5
  • contact type: short
  • capacitor: 14mm, two cables, plugged in
  • For vehicles WITHOUT battery, with 4-way flasher system


The P125X / P150X models have a static ignition timing of 21° before top dead centre. Install the ignition base plate so that the mark in the engine housing is exactly between the 'A' and 'IT' marks on the ignition base plate. The ignition contacts are then adjusted so that they open 0.3-0.5mm at piston position in top dead center (check with a feeler gauge through the viewing window in the pole wheel). The contact adjustment is done with the flywheel attached through the window. To do this, loosen the locking screw of the contact slightly and adjust the contact in the arrow-shaped recess by turning it with a slotted screwdriver, then fix the locking screw again.


Please lubricate the points felt plate with a few drops of oil or suitable grease. This is elementary important for a permanently stable ignition timing. Without lubrication, the cam of the ignition contact wears out quickly and thus automatically reduces the contact gap.

Vespa electrical - Stator, BGM with POINTS - 12v AC, P125X P150X without battery

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