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Standard looking racing exhaust, suitable for almost all 200cc models. NOT suitable for 125 and 150 geared Vespas - Sprint, Super, P125e, P150e, PX125e, PX150e, EFL, Disc, '98, 2001 Etc.

This MK 3.0 version of the subtle SIP ROAD EXHAUST yet again pushes the envelope of performance. Unlike the competition has been crammed all this performance into the compact body of the original box.

The SIP ROAD was and is the benchmark for all box pipes. It introduced the concept of a racing pipe that keeps the box look of the original Piaggio Largeframe item to a wider public. And it made it as popular as it rightly is today. Among its most attractive features are the excellent rideability, and easy tuneability, particularly on engines that already run the SIP ROAD 2.0. In recent years many have tried their hand at an exhaust inspired by the original, quite a few have actually launched their version. Engines with this concept have reached impressive levels of power and torque, and some even beat the godfather, our SIP Road 2.0 box in terms of outright performance. The ease of use, and the launch torque are yet to be improved upon though.

Original Look with original sized box


Massive torque, just perfect for a daily rider


Excellent for plug and play tuning with original carburettor


Still the time had come to go one better and develop a new box. The benchmark was there, and the requirements were defined: It should still work on any type of engine. It should operate at low and real-world usable rpm, it should beat the best in that range, and it should still keep the original dimensions of the box. The new SIP Road 3.0 should remain subtle and compact. The last in particular turned out to be a real challenge. Others use larger boxes to find performance, which, of course, makes life much easier. Unfortunately squaring the circle takes time, so development took a little while. The result is worth the wait though. A small box that works well with a vast variety of engine setups while keeping up with the very best in terms of performance.

Vespa Exhaust, SIP road 3 - PX 200 e, P200e, Cosa 200 Etc.

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